Where are you from? Australia

And where do you currently live? New York City

How did you get into Photography? I was always into Fashion growing up. When i finished school i didn't know what to do so i applied to study Fashion Design. It was in class flicking through hundreds of glossy magazines each day that i discovered the art of Fashion Photography.

What inspires you? Transformation, i love the idea of taking something and turning it into something unique and your own.

What quote inspires you? Just Do It

Were would we find you on your day off ? At a cafe probably. I love coffee and early mornings. I'm usually there before the staff arrive. 

Favorite Color? Black and whatever color denim is.

Best job you have ever had? Besides being a Photographer i was once a market research kid for McDonalds. That was probably the best job a 15 year old kid could ever get. 

What did that involve? Eating McDonalds

Favorite book you ever read? Just Kids by Patti Smith

Whats your favorite Pandora radio station? Blood Orange Radio

What does the future hold? A family one day and a house by the beach.